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Decoded Advertising

Dec 2018 — Current | Associate Motion Design Director/Head of Content

From Decoded's first Studio hire to a team of Studio Leads helping to manage a crew of designers, animators, videographers, editors and production designers. Work closely with Creative Department concepting client campaigns, developing mood and storyboards, creating both digital and hand-drawn animation as well as building props, sets and the occassional puppet.


Visa, WW, T-Mobile, AARP, HeluvaGood, Planet Oat, Quickbooks, Mrs Meyers, Caldrea, Bug Botanist, Keurig, Welcome to Chinatown, RedDrop

BDG Media - Bustle/Romper/Elite Daily

April 2016 — Nov 2018 | Art Director/Animator/Set/Prop Designer

Make up half of Art Department creating colorful and engaging motion graphics for a wide array of web series. Work closely with video producers concepting shows and laying out storyboards as well as building props, sets and creating stop-motion for both Bustle and Branded content.

MRY (formerly LBi)

April 2010 — April 2016 | Lead Animator/Set/Prop Designer

Worked closely with team of designers, copywriters, art directors, project managers, etc. Produced dynamic motion graphics, mixing After Effects, footage and CG elements, created both Flash and HTML5 web banners, and constructed sets for for both live action and stop-motion productions.

Special Ops Media

Spring 2009 — Spring 2010 | Flash Animator

Worked as in-house freelance Flash animator. Worked closely with designers and developers to create both standard and dynamic Rich Media banners.

Ace & Son Moving Picture Company

Fall 2009 - Winter 2014 | Asst. Animator/Flash Animator/Storyboard Artist

Work both in-house and offsite as freelance animator. Assistant animator on PBS's special The Buddha. Flash animator on large set of web banners for Infor. Employed regularly as a storyboard artist and After Effects animator.

TMB Productions - They Might Be Giants

Fall 2008 - Fall 2010 | Co-director/Storyboard Artist/Animator/Puppeteer

Co-directed and animated two music videos and a dozen interstitials for They Might Be Giants for the albums Here Comes Science and Rock the Net. Animated in After Effects using a mix of cut-out, traditional animation, puppets, green screen and Flash.

8 Hats High

Fall 2007 - Spring 2009 | Asst. Animator/Flash Animator

Assistant traditional animator/in-betweener/clean-up artist on multiple productions including short films for Rock the Vote, interstitials for USA's Psych TV series & several PSAs produced for television. Designed several toy concepts for Steven & Fred Ellman of the Lernell Co.



After Effects




Premiere Pro


Technical Skills

digital animation

hand-drawn animation





molding & casting

set design & construction

prop styling

puppet construction


Professional Skills

working with a team

interpretation of client's needs

creation of production assets

fast and efficient work ethic

attention to details



University of the Arts

Bachelor Degree in Animation Spring 2004

Graduated with Honors. Coursework included animation, computer animation, stop-motion & puppet design, sound design & technology, scriptwriting, costume design, film & literature, illustration